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Alien Labs Disposable Vape Melonade

Alien Labs Melonade is a sweet cross of Watermelon Zkittlez x Lemon Tree. Fantastic notes of citrus and melon will twist you into some other time space continuum.

Made considering an extraordinary encounter – Outsider Labs has raised our famous dispensable vape equipment to endure longer and give you greater mists. Made with a fired loop explicitly planned to consume our live sap at the ideal temperature and a calculated repository to guarantee you get to smoke every single drop of oil. The live sap inside is of the greatest conceivable quality, produced using the new frozen top-rack blossom that AlienLabs is known all over the planet for.

About Alien Labs Disposable Vape Melonade

Melonade is a delightful crossover strain from Biting the dust Breed. The top revealed smells are a fruity, citrus fragrance, with traces of melon. The top revealed flavors are a sweet, fruity flavor suggestive of watermelon with citrus notes.

Executing family cultivating information and the hemp customs of Northern California, Outsider Labs is something beyond a pot brand: it is a way of life. Executing a space topic all through their items, the Outsider Labs line has a characterized personality. Each strand in their list summons various sentiments and responses, furnishing you with novel encounters.

The Alien Labs way to deal with weed is determinedly one of a kind. And compelling, giving its clients paramount encounters that the two newbies and long-term specialists will actually want to appreciate. Their store approach permits them to ensure that each and every item truly deserve their client base.


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